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During your first year of Membership, your Points will be issued to you for the year of purchase.

On the 1 st of January of each subsequent year, your annual allocation of Platinum Vacation Club Points will be credited to your account and will always equal the amount of Point Rights you own, - PLUS any unused Points from the previous year.

When you are ready to plan your holiday, you will need to refer to the Resorts Points Value Guide. Go to Resorts to view the Points Value Guides of over 180 resorts in South Africa and certain key international resorts.

Points Values

Each resort unit has been graded and has a fixed number of Points allocated to it for the entire year. We have included a selected number of resorts, - each with different facilities and features! Each resort Points total is inflation proof. This guarantees that your Platinum Vacation Club Points always retain their intrinsic value.

Naturally, you will use more Points to take a holiday at a London resort than you will at a resort in Cape Town . The number of points awarded to these resorts is based upon the standard of accommodation, range of facilities, location and demand.

Your Use

You can borrow all your Points from next year, OR save up your allocation for up to 5 years in order to use them on a longer holiday.

The Cost

The number of Points that you purchase naturally determines the cost of your initial joining fee ?giving you Membership of Platinum Vacation Club.

Thereafter, to maintain your Club Membership, you will also pay

•  your annual Platinum Vacation Club Membership fee, and

•  a controlled annual levy

In essence, your initial Platinum Vacation Club Membership is linked to the overall cost of development and ownership of Platinum Vacation Club accommodation, whilst the annual levy covers the maintenance and management costs.

Except for obvious costs incurred during your actual stay at a resort like telephone and electricity, those are the only costs involved in your continuing Membership of Platinum Vacation Club.

As an added unique bonus, Platinum Vacation Club members have the unique advantage of being able to enjoy vacations at selected resorts world-wide ?at no additional cost!


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